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Our mandate is to provide educational services such as workshops, courses,
events, and coaching for budding and prospecting entrepreneurs. 


Aboriginals Mastering Entrepreneurship (AbME) is a program designed to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Offered as day or evening workshop sessions, or as an independent course study, the program walks future entrepreneurs through every vital step to starting a business, and offers numerous helpful practices for those who already own a business.

Open to Status, Non-Status, Métis & Inuit individuals, as well as other residents of Northeastern British Columbia.


Workshops are offered at NEABC, in-community, and in urban regions where a demand exists, as well as through independent course study.


Training is done as day or evening workshop sessions, depending on the needs of students and their respective communities.


Aftercare services are provided for free for up to 6 months after course completion. This is an opportunity to seek advice and guidance from our business mentors and professional partners.


Entrepreneurial Mindset
Creating a Business Plan

Financial Assessment

Mental Preparation

Strategic Planning

Market Research

Marketing and Promotion

Social Media

Technology Usage

Laws and Insurance

Costs and Pricing


Cash Flow

Other NEABC and Partner Programs

B2B Mastermind

Join other entrepreneurs to table challenges and collectively strategize solutions for your business. Whether your business is large or small, you are a new entrepreneur or well seasoned, this collective operates on the notion that everyone has something to share and something to gain.

NEABC facilitates and hosts a wide variety of training sessions and workshops. Some other past events include:

  • Lunch and Learn

  • Social Media Camp

  • Virtual Entrepreneur Training

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Camp

  • Moccasin Making

  • Heart-Mind Well-Being

  • Traditional Medicine and Healing

  • and more...

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